Sunday, 21 January 2007

Past few days

Weather looked great in the peak, keen to get back on voyager , i set off from newcastle. Got to Leeds and the call from Percy to say the weather was shit, he was not wrong. So it was a day in climbing works. Did the new yellow circuit all 42 blocs, very dirty.

Back up north i was looking to go high, but strong winds meant that i had to change my plans so me and springer went to try a project that i had tried some time ago. In some woods in the depths of Northumberland, a steep wall on pocketsand small edge, after a bit of working i pulled it together producing a powerful 8a unnamed as yet, spring is sorting out the video so it will be up soon.

Had a snow board lesson in the morning, then with blue sky it was off to burbage north to try voyager with Micky, although a little tired and battered after my lesson, i had a good session on it. Really is a great line just so hard on the skin.

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