Wednesday, 17 January 2007

out and about

Yesterday great weather in the north, start to drive to the peak but got the call from Percy say it was shit, so turn off to Yorkshire where i had a fruitless couple of hours, then it was off to the north york moors to check out a couple of things, was really nice to be out on such a nice day.

Today i had a meeting with Steve at the mountain boot (scarpa), and yes the new shoe are due by the start of next month, also the new scarpa website will be live as of early Feb, i will keep you up to date.

then it was back to the lab with Sabby

This time i felt better on most of the test and Gaz and Dave were pushing hard, it was the last session for the 2 of them, however i have one left, check out the video to see what i have to look forward to.

Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend me and spring have a couple of high ball projects in Northumberland to get on so fingers crossed.

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