Thursday, 8 March 2007

End of work

This week i had my final couple of days selling, which meant that i could get back out on the crags, wednesday i was at Gear for Girls in Nortumberland which meant i could get back to woods to work on my projects and i made some good progress with the condition been pretty good.

Yesterday i had an appointment with v12, so i dragged Darren down to wales. After selling i popped into the cave, it was a little wet but always a great work out.

Doing Trigger Cut, Rock Atorcity and Luo ferrino all first go, then i spent some time working the middle section on Directors Cut, some thing that i got close to the year before last and i am keen to put to bed after birmingham so i think i might be spending a lot of April in wales. Then i tried In hell the lowest start to Rock Atorcity getting through the bottom in a couple of attempts i found my self totally powered out on Rock Atoricty, oh well a fun day out.

Rest day today and off to the peak for the weekend.

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