Saturday, 7 April 2007

Fun Week

Back in the UK is not always motivational, but after a good trip to Swiss. I was keen to try Isla De Encanta in the south lakes so Monday morning earlie to catch it in the best condition, after a little warm up I start to work on Isla De Encanta, which it got to say I think is a good problem, after an hour or so have my sequences and was ready for a link, this bloc has one of the sharpest hold on even though it never cut the skin it makes the end of two tips go dead. After a couple of attempts I hit the break well but did not hold it, this happened a couple of times till I could take no more from the sharp hold. So it was off back to Newcastle.#

I spent the rest of the week training and planning my next trip to Swiss, next Thursday can not wait. Then on Friday I was back to try Isla De Encanta, this time with smith and Springer, warmed up well and felt good then I took a funny fall and hurt my back again, I was pissed off to say the least, my back felt better after an hour so but could not twist in for the big move on Isla De Encanta. But I still managed to do a couple of other blocs so not a totally wasted trip.

Saturday I picked Springer up with the plans of going and trying this highball arĂȘte that we had spotted in the summer. We got to the bloc I gave it a clean off on the rope then sent Springer off to find the way, he did a couple of moves then seemed to be chalking blank bit of rock then he came down, after a few attempts and shouting at Springer, I found that I had done many of the move 3 hours later and I had linked it on the rope. With not enough pads we left only to be going back on Monday to hopefully adding another classic high ball to Northumberland.

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