Sunday, 1 April 2007

Funny couple of weeks

Birmingham world cup

In good shape is some times not enough, with the British team and myself climbing and looking stronger than ever it was a shock just to get one man into the semi.
Personal this marked the end of a long and fun comp life, during the comp I took the ride off the top of the last bloc, falling badly left me with a bad back, if only I had held the hold I would have gone through but that’s comps I guess.

Pic thanks to gravity

That week I work in Aberdeen route setting, and then came home to train for a master’s comp at climbing works, I had a accident when training and hurt my back and arm, I went to the master not really going to climb but warmed up ok and got through to the final finishing 4th which I was pleased with after the week I had had.

The next day it was off for some swiss bouldering. Me and smith off to the tinico valley where we had 6 days of climbing on some great granite, for a few days. Over this period I did 2 8a’s and 2 8a + ‘s and dropped the top of one of the best 8b I have ever been on, think I will be going back very soon. This was good to be getting back climbing again after working hard selling e9 and getting over the comps.

Think we all had a great time, what more can you ask for great rock, great weather and some good blocs tick, both me and smith cleaning up on blocs minutes before we drove to the airport.

This had this effect on smith

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dobbin said...

Have you quit comp climbing?