Monday, 9 April 2007


Well this morning it was back to the high balls. After the long walk in, we found it to be more than a little windy , still up for it i start to top rope it again, still finding it hard work, after a bit i link it again on the top rope, springer was also making good progress. The wind was a real issue at the top as you move on to the head wall.

I pulled the rope and had a go, found my self through the the hardest moves, but the wind put me off and climbed down a little and took the ride, my knees were not so happy about that. Another go this time i felt better, got all the way up to the head wall , but the wind was to strong so again a climbed down a little the took the ride again.

That was it, with a packed week come my only window i have as Wednesday evening lets hope the weather holds.

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