Friday, 1 June 2007

more mello than magic

More Mello than Magic

Well we went to Magic last week, me Suzan and Smith. Weather was shocking for the first two days which meant that we climbed very little but meant I could work on Never Ending Story as it was the only thing dry.

So we went over to Mello and the weather was great even a little too hot so Smith got his shorts on Suzan was bikinied up. We had a really good day, after this it was back to magic the weather was still so shit across most of Europe. We had a rest day and had some good fun check out the vids.

Then it was back to Mello this time great conditions and I set a couple of old projects to rest which is always nice, suzan was also on good form dispatching as well, and smith was getting close to a project.

After a long day we stayed the night in Mello, the next day we awoke to sun and again it was a little hot. I was tired suzan was bleeding but Smith was still up for it, how ever I think the condition where not good enough, so it was back to Magic.

I was up for Steffen Wolf but it was wet so I rested, then on the last morning just climbed some good problem I have done before, A great trip mainly due to the people and not the climbing.

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