Tuesday, 26 June 2007

New Bloc At Last

Well after a week of really funny weather I have been lucky to be trying the fastest drying bloc in Northumberland, I did the stand up two weeks ago and thinking it might go from a sitter I got up early several morning last week to work on the link, dragging out my Dad and Springer, but with no luck and at times shit conditions. The weather was set to be shit so I thought it would have to wait, but after picking Suzan up in Leeds on Saturday and having a nice day at Armscliff showing her around, it was back to Newcastle where it was pissing down.

We to wake up on Sunday morning to a grey sky but dry ground so, I dragged Suzan out to spot( well really she was up for it.) After a short warm up in a light drizzle, it was straight to work. With a couple of slight adjustment to my sequence I fell off the last hard move and unusually for me I was pretty chilled. Next go I was quickly into the last move trying hard, then pushing on into the pop to the lip then manteling it out. In the bag and with a spilt tip Blood Sport was born. Not really sure of the grade always hard if you spend a few days on things but I think in the area of font 8b.

Then it pissed it down again putting a dampener on the bbq at sSteve house later that night. ( wish I had, had my camera as I could have got some great shot of Moir and Steve)

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