Thursday, 2 August 2007


Well sorry for the delay in my blogging but i’ve been a busy chap. My girlfriend Suzan has been over. On her first day she competed in the British Bouldering Championships in Sheffield, winning the qualification round she looked strong but in the final the travelling from the day before and the lack of comps showed as it left her tired. She still came 4th in the final but was not happy with her performance. However I think she did really well for her first comp. It was funny for me taking a step back from competing and watching. Gaz become male champ and Katy ladies champ. Well done to them both.

Then we went back to Newcastle for a couple of days where we climbed at Shaftoe and the Woods. We were lucky to get some good conditions and do some nice bloc.

Then It was off the outdoor show in Germany for me, under my many roles as importer, salesman and sponsored climber etc, very busy for a work shy climber like myself.

Straight back from the show we spent several days in the Woods.Suzan got super close to the Yorkshireman and I was getting on with the traverse and testing out new products. The next time in the Wood Suzan did Cubby’s Lip super quick and I started to feel at one with the traverse. After a wall session, it was then off to Queens Crag and Rothley for a nice day out. Suzan has gone back to nl.

Well over the next couple of weeks I am mainly training and selling, I start my e9 and snap selling season on Friday. Then I am off on a trip on the 10th so something to look forward to.

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