Thursday, 27 September 2007

away from uk

Been away from the uk for 10days, splitting the time between Amsterdam and font, Had some great training session in Amsterdam with Suzan and some fun finding my way around Holland to meet up with people both friends and work related. Then Last weekend me, Suzan, Smith and Darren went to font well for a change we got no rain, although it was super hot and sweaty, although we all got a few things done, however after meeting up with Bart Mr 7 and 8s himself, I hurt my finger putting an end to my climbing for the weekend. However the other still had a good day.

So the rest of this week its been doing gym work but I did climb last night and had not pain from my finger so that’s good news. I am off to Italy tonight to meet up with the guys from camp and some of the uk buyer hope we get some route in.

Well of to the gym in s bit with suus.

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