Saturday, 15 September 2007


Well its been a busy 10 days since the last time I blogged I finally finished my e9 selling session. Just waiting for the final orders to come in.

Also the Earl family lost my great Auntie Betty anyone that knows me or my family will know what a great lady she was and even at the age of 84 she still loved her tec.

However one day later my sister had her second child Libby, both of them are home and well.

Over most of this period Suzan was over, after picking her up from the airport we head to Yorkshire grit meeting up with Sam and Lu, after climbing for a couple of hours it became way to hot for grit. It was then off to do a bit of ikea shopping for are house. Next day smith was up early and we meet him at Bowden condition were prefect and it seemed like smith was going well, Suzan also doing Toffs and working Sprung. Smith however had to leave the crag empty handed as he seemed to drop the top of everything. ( a bit like me on his board). Well it was back to Newcastle to the take way. Next day was a rest day then the funeral. After the funeral me and Suzan went out to a new bloc in Northumberland, which was a nice end to the day. Suzan went back to nl the following day.

Since then I have worked and campused with the condition getting better all the time I am back in training. This afternoon I fly to nl then where off to font so let hope that team smith earl and dudink will have good conditions

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SmoothIce said...

I'd like to thank you, watching your work and others like you, its helped me decide i want to drasticly change my life, and i believe rock climbing is going to help me be a better person. Cheers m8. Keep up the great work.