Sunday, 2 September 2007

Scarpa Team Meeting

Well it was a pretty amazing turn out from the scarpa sponsored team, and the sun even made an appearance which was a shock to all after this summer.

The team arrived at The Mountain Boot Company’s head office (in Newcastle). Waiting for us was the MBC staff, the big bosses from Scarpa Italy and the head designer Heinz Mariacher.
After a spot of lunch it was down to work; Steve Roberts ran though the outline for the weekend. Then we had a product development meeting, a chance to discuss the recent new range of shoes and future products.

It was then time for the team to hit the warehouse, leaving the warehouse manager shocked to see his beloved stock leaving the warehouse without delivery notes.

The team left for Bowden in force; at Bowden the fun was sure to start thanks to having such a wide range of climbers in the team. As soon as we got to the crag the boulderers unleashed the pads, although there was none of that for big trad man of the team Dave Birkett. Dave was straight into the soloing, shocking both team members and the general public in his control and how happy he looks so high up, with a toothbrush in his teeth, cleaning off holds as he went.
The likes of Smith, Newman, Springer, Percy and Earl got stuck in to some of the classics while Katz and Dunning checked out other stuff. As always the girls were just getting on with going high, bouldering across the crag.

Well after are short session it was off to the Blue Bell Hotel for a well-deserved team meal. As you would expect from any meeting of climbers, a fare share of drink was dispatched, polishing off many bottles of red and then moving on to the beers in the bar, meant it was a late one for many of the scarpa team. Scarpa newby Andy Moir was probably the last to bed as he continued into the early hours with his one-man rave.

Early start for most of the team (Moir still in bed and not to be seen till early evening). It was off to the woods where Mr Dunne I think might have found his new love; as Earl gave him the tour he just could not believe the number of quality lines in Northumberland, like a mad man he set about dispatching many of the classics. Then it was a team attempt on the Nadser to give a true test of the shoes, smith put in a good effort as I guess he is not known for his slab skills.
Meanwhile the filming dudes were trying to fly on playing rudies with our team gymnast Leah.

Back to the campsite for lunch and chilling then a spot of golf thanks to Newman for bringing the club, although Springer’s swing was the best, hitting the coke bottle only centimetres always from smith’s car before rolling round the grassy floor laughing. Meanwhile, the Italians, Steve Roberts and the Dunne where at Back Bowden scaring themselves.

2 hours later the team went back to Bowden and Earl, Smith and Springer were getting involved with Born Lippy; Smith having an interesting time topping out as Springer had to put down the camera to spot as he looked as though he could die. Then a quick send of The Crack by the Earl in far from ideal conditions. Sam ‘big pipes’ Whitaker rocked up after travelling for 12 hours back from font: that is true scarpa love. After a couple more hours climbing by the team it was BBQ time.

But to our shock as we got back to the camp site, the CO of Scarpa, Sondrio was heavily involved in a volley ball match sliding into save his team points. Food was served thanks to Rosemary and Moir. Then it was the north v south football match. The north taking an early beating but pulled it back to win 10- 5. Special thank to smith for his own goal and Springer’s sensational double nutmeg goal from the edge of his own penalty area. The night continued into the early hours with techno spilling out of Steve’s TT and much fun on the slackline.

The vids
John Dunne: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (7a+)
Dave Macleod: Transformer LH
Andy Earl: Cave Problem (7c)
Lucy Creamer: Bad Company (6a+)
Martin Smith: Born Lippy (7c/7c+)
Leah Crane: Jocks and Geordies
Well all in all a great weekend: Scarpa styled the sponsored climbers yet again and the sponsored climber showed that they are worth it.
Cheers everyone

Big thanks to Chris and Darren for the vid and pics

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