Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Had a couple of hard training sessions today it was a more relaxing day out checking out a long term project that I seem to be making progress on, then I meet up with Aido, Darren and George at Bowden. Did some of the classic such as born lippy and the crack, but the day was made by good condition and many laughs.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

swiss fun

Successful trip to Swiss. Sorting out some things that I have been on before and doing some new stuff and found some projects for my next trip, So in a 5 day trip spent between 3 of the main Swiss bouldering areas I did 2 8b, 1 8a+ 1 8a and a couple of 7cs so not a bad trip. Weather condition weather cold to very cold having snow in the magic valley so it was pretty hard work, so I have to thank the duck for the down in my jackets and sleeping bag
This was suzan first trip in the scarpa shoes, think its far to say that she is know fully into the scarpa team loving climbing in them.

This week I have shipped the last of the e9 clothes, set Sunderland bouldering wall and just got back from a session out bouldering in the north york moors.

Friday, 12 October 2007

interesting week

Well had a couple of really hard training session and my finger seems to be coping well with the training.

On Tuesday I was in Dublin doing a boot demo, these things can either be a great success or a bit flat, its fair to say that this was a good one, looked people really enjoyed trying the shoes on.

Been route setting today at Sunderland wall so I am just relaxing an planning my day out tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Has Winter started

Well after a busy week, it was to be a climbing packed weekend. Was this to be the start of the grit session, Suzan landed at Doncaster so it was to be a day out in the peak what more can a girl want for her birthday. Blue sky all around so after a quick coffee it was to the Burbage valley to check out the conditions, which where shit so it turned out to be more of a sun bathing day than anything, but after a few moody moments from myself it was off to Earl, this journey took for ever, although condition were ok, I was sick and just want to go home.

Saturday was a rest day, again hot and blue sky in Newcastle.

Sunday smith knock on are door at 9am , opened it to see rain. We went to the woods and it was not in great conditions, although I worked on my project making progress, Smith did the Yorkshireman again and Suzan did crouching wall so not bad for a damp day.

Monday off to Caley to have a look at hi Fidelity , well to are shock the crag was mainly well, so I still dropped rope down and had a quick play looks like a great bloc and can not wait to get back on it.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Well it was off to camp for a meeting with camp Italy and some of the UK shop buyers, Also we were going to get in a little climbing in.

Well we had a long day on Friday looking a product and giving feedback a very interesting meeting, then that night we had a great meal. The next day it was off to mello a little wet, but we climbed a little, then the next day is was off to do a few sports route near lecco. That night I got a flight back to see suzan in nl and after a fun back day with suzan I arrived back in the uk for a bit.

Well today I have been sorting out e9 and snap deliveries then tonight I had a hard session at the wall so the finger is well on it way to been back to normal.