Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Has Winter started

Well after a busy week, it was to be a climbing packed weekend. Was this to be the start of the grit session, Suzan landed at Doncaster so it was to be a day out in the peak what more can a girl want for her birthday. Blue sky all around so after a quick coffee it was to the Burbage valley to check out the conditions, which where shit so it turned out to be more of a sun bathing day than anything, but after a few moody moments from myself it was off to Earl, this journey took for ever, although condition were ok, I was sick and just want to go home.

Saturday was a rest day, again hot and blue sky in Newcastle.

Sunday smith knock on are door at 9am , opened it to see rain. We went to the woods and it was not in great conditions, although I worked on my project making progress, Smith did the Yorkshireman again and Suzan did crouching wall so not bad for a damp day.

Monday off to Caley to have a look at hi Fidelity , well to are shock the crag was mainly well, so I still dropped rope down and had a quick play looks like a great bloc and can not wait to get back on it.

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