Saturday, 27 October 2007

swiss fun

Successful trip to Swiss. Sorting out some things that I have been on before and doing some new stuff and found some projects for my next trip, So in a 5 day trip spent between 3 of the main Swiss bouldering areas I did 2 8b, 1 8a+ 1 8a and a couple of 7cs so not a bad trip. Weather condition weather cold to very cold having snow in the magic valley so it was pretty hard work, so I have to thank the duck for the down in my jackets and sleeping bag
This was suzan first trip in the scarpa shoes, think its far to say that she is know fully into the scarpa team loving climbing in them.

This week I have shipped the last of the e9 clothes, set Sunderland bouldering wall and just got back from a session out bouldering in the north york moors.

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finbarr said...

hi there,
i hope your: "it's far to say...", is just a typo, or (less hope, if not hopeless) a spelling mistake, and not a freudian typo.
anyway, keep up the bloc's and blog's