Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The F*%king weather

Well Wednesday we went to the peak to climb on grit a 6.30 am start to get a full day only to arrive and find the peak in a fine mist, well it was off to climbing works, Percy and Sam were just finishing a new circuit. Please check out Percy account of the day in his blog, but this is my account.

40 blocs all done even the super gay slab, what can I say but I have still got it. As for Percy he must have had a big smoking session if he think he was moving smoothly over the wall.

Rest day Thursday and it was of the Caley to try my current project on Friday , after taking a bad ride early doors it took a bit to calm my nerves but after a few attempts I was making progress but got power out, so would leave it for another day.

Saturday Darren went to font and Suzan arrived for the weekend. Me and Suzan spent the Saturday chilling with a quick session at Durham climbing wall. Sunday me suzan and Springer were coaching rock solid a great session, with may on my group leading for the first time.

Monday grit stone action for me and Suzan, Suzan having a great day cleaning up on some problems she had tried a bit ago, but will let her tell you in her blog coming soon. Pretty impressive how quick she is coming to love the grit. We stay in a great hotel near the airport as she had I early flight and I was up for another session at Caley.

Suzan was off this morning, back to nl for a week or so, I was off to Caley, well I got to Caley to find it was piss wet, pretty pissed off, so I was off for to buy some tech.

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