Wednesday, 26 December 2007


Well I have been busy boys. Spent a weekend in Holland a Sinterklaas party then the amazing Dutch bouldering championship which was a great show. And general enjoy NL with Suuz. The next weekend it was my birthday I have come to that age were I am starting not to celebrate my birthday, great weekend out on Saturday to Bowden Suuz did sprung v10. Next day it was work coaching rock solid at Sunderland wall. Bring to this weekend weather was shit but some good wall sessions.
Over this period I drove 1500 mile to have 5 attempts on voyager, (only one dry session the spilt after 5 attempts shit)
Suuz first Christmas in the UK so think she is recovering from my mad family and are first Christmas in are house off to font soon.

Well Christmas has been and gone, currently waiting for Percy and smith to go out in the county.

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