Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Climb Newcastle

Well some shots of climb newcastle
coaching room

Shop all a boulder could want 

Centre section of the main room

Front door 

Chalk free seating area.

New circuit every week, comp every 4 weeks next friday 12th decemeber.

Sunday, 23 November 2008


Climb Newcastle has been open for over 4 weeks so it was time for me to leave and go on a short trip. So me and suz went to font for 3 days, just starting to get back in form, i was looking to just get a bit of milage in and hopefully some blue sky.
Well day one the sun was out but the blocs where a little wet so 
after an easy morning working are blocs and a coffee, friction was good i got involved in a session with some locals and suz got some good links on her project. 
Day two shit rain rain, but we had a good laugh.

Day three a great morning but the day before had left the blocs in shit nic. but both felt good. Neither of us got are blocs but mainly due to a wet hold on both. 

Great trip 

Sunday, 2 November 2008

climb newcastle

Well its been a bit since i last blogged. Today me and suus returned to a normal life out climbing in the lakes in great condition.  As over the last four months i have been building climbnewcastle. Which is open so please come and check it out. And see what Andy Long and Rob Lamey have created.

Over this time i mainly trained with a quick trip to czech for a comp and a slide show and a great couple of days bouldering thanks to scarpa. But in the last 6 weeks the 14 hours days started and the sleepless nights.This meant little climbing or training,  then i had a  bad cut to my finger with a grinder. After this illness hit resulting in little climbing or training. However in the last week i started to get back into shape so let hope the weather will be good so i can get out and about. Also started booking flights so things are looking good.

Just like to say a big thanks to mum, dad and fonz for helping out at the wall and supporting me over the last 4 months. Then finally to suus thank for everything over the last 4 month from painting, cleaning, taking me training and be next to me when all was going wrong or right. Thanks 

Monday, 28 July 2008

what a month

Well its been a month since we got the keys to the wall. Lots has happened since then, leaving know just as a shell so we can start building and making it into a climbing centre. 

This weekend me and suus took a couple of days off to go out with my family in the peak as you would guess we took the kids climbing.

Well just about to go back to the wall to start work again.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Trade Show

Well this week i have been out at the Friedrichshafen trade show its fair to say it been a busy 5 days, selling e9 and snap.  spending some time on the scarpa and camp stand. then looking at stock for the Climb Newcastle  shop. 
Well still at the show but just about to leave very interested to see what chris and the girls have got up to will i have away 

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Climb Newcastle

Well i am open a bouldering wall in newcastle, this is something i have been working hard on for well over a year, with Chris and Darren. 
We got the keys to the building a couple of weeks ago and been busy clearing it out. I must say its some of the hardest days i have ever had and the guys at climbing works keep telling me its only going to get harder. 
I hope that climb newcastle will be place for all to train with are coaching room for the kids and beginners and those that want to improve.  A training board and yes it will have some 50 degree section for strong. Then a massive bouldering room for everyone.

well please follow the action at www.climbnewcastle.com


Well been busy since mello suuz got a bike and it seems i spend more time on it than her. Must say its really good fun. Working lots but climbed out side a little when it was not raining in newcastle. 

Sunday, 29 June 2008


Last weekend i spent in mello with the team below

and the chic suus below

The weather was perfect for sun bathing and not great for climbing, but we did are best sending  many high balls

And working on one of the mello blocco problems and enjoying the great valley.

On the last day conditions were a little better and i was able to complete the problem that i dropped the top of in mello bloco

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

back in action

Well after hurting my leg earlier in the weekend i took to none climbing training. Then on sunday me and springer went and checked out a new bloc think it will have 4 high balls on hopefully the weather will hold and get them done this week. 

yesterday hot hot hot in newcastle and a training session at Eldon square. the today e and Suuz went to the Bowderstone where Newman and adam were. good laugh did lots really good session. good conditions with a nice wind and i think enough left for another session.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Coaching at the a Arch Climbing Wall 

On Monday 16th June i am doing a workshop at the Arch Climbing Wall in London. 

6.30pm -8.30pm



Good day at bowderstone.

well on sunday the weather was pretty shit, but after resting in the sunny saturday it was off to the bowderstone weather was ok when we arrived and had a good session doing lots, and very p for going back for the rest. As i drop the last move of one of the links. then it really started to piss down so off back to newastle. 

Yesterday i was at sunderland up for a big session on about the second problem i heard a big crack from my knee, shit. well after a session in the garage and lots of ice hope it will be better before i go to mello. 

Thursday, 29 May 2008


well what a month, at the start of the month Suuz moved over which was great no more traveling to and from amsterdam. Late in the month we went to Mello Bloco with smith and percy. It was as always a great event this time i was to give a slide show, which i must admit was a bit of a worried about, but with some of my vids and lots of springers vids and a set of percy slide and mac power i put together an ok thing. Well back to the climbing suuz did great and did 4 blocs, i did not to bad but still coming to terms with getting totally shut down by the super kid.
Back to the uk and me and Suuz went to wales for a couple of days. Also seem to be working lots setting and coaching.
Today been to shaftoe and did a new bloc to the right of blood sports, with a cool jump start. well and tonight i am off to the guide book launch at wildtrack.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

New Snap Site

Well are new snap site went live this morning, check it out.

Snaps full range of bouldering products are now available.


Thursday, 24 April 2008


A couple of weekend ago a did a comp at climbing works, hurting my arm and coming 3rd. so after 10 days or so i can say my arm is well on its way to recovering fully just in time for mello. Mainly been shipping snap pads the good weather has seen lots of them leaving the warehouse.
well i am off to london for a wedding this weekend so hopefully next week the arm will be fully fixed.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

new bloc

new shaftoe bloc

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

busy week

Well its been a busy week or so since my return to uk, I sent out the new e9 Spring 08 collection to the shops, Fonz started to settled into uk life. Me and the spring set to work putting the new Northumberland bouldering guide out of date. Today i am in london been setting at the arch so just waiting to get my train home

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

great condition shame about the skin

Well it was off to NL then swiss for a easter break me and suus have both had a busy couple of months work wise and planning for her big move to the UK. I arrived in nl pick her and the fonz up and it was off to swiss traffic was shit as you would think at this time of year, the car did not love the germany motor way hills, put did the job.
Well we arrived the next morning in Swiss and decided to climb straight away and check into are gite on the night time. Well I had a good first day polishing off a couple of 8a and suus got stuck into her project, she was motivated to mainly work hard things as she started the trip with a spilt. Well we head to are gite. We arrived the normal lady was out but showed us down to are flat which seemed already to have a couple of guys staying in. it turned out in my booking I put April not march so we where lucky that these great guy let us stay in there flat for the trip. Next day dudy was back on her project making progress I went to try electric ant. What a great problem, after 30 minute I had done all the moves and started trying to link it, well I had a really good attempt then rest. After 10 minute rest almost did it but some how was lying on the ground. On my next attempt trying to hard I spilt game over I think.Well then we went to cres had a play on a couple of things. Then next day I was still up for the ant an had it in my mind I would be ok with the tape so straight down the hill to the ant we went. Well I must have had 3 attempt and spilt again. I was pissed off to say the least. Well trip over climbing wise, however on the way out I did a cool bloc called tricky 8a. I spent the next day and a half spotting the dudy and climbing a little. Then we set off to nl mid afternoon coming across some of the worsted driving weather I have ever had. Then stopping off as I could not cope any more with the snow, then the next morning we had to pick up some butterfly for dudy job. But we ended up in a massive traffic jam but got to amsterdam in time. I have just returned from the vets as fonz is coming to the UK on Thursday .

Well all in all a great trip the climbing was not great but we had some good laughs and great weather

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

swiss vid

great bloc in swiss

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Well after just about finishing my e9 and snap selling trip, it was off to nl to see the chic. weather was shit but had a great weekend training and chilling, think that the pic tell the story better than i can 

Chilling in Amsterdam 

Dudy training 

Think we suit glasses

Walking around dam square 

Suuz feeling the weight training session 

Walking the Fonz  in Amsterdam 
Back to work.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Better late than never

Well 2 week ago I went to Swiss with Darren, Suus and Fonz. Well it was a pretty good trip, after finally got to NL as jet2.com cancelled my flight. But not to worry, we all arrived in Swiss to see snow. Thinking it was going to be cold but, oh no it was super warm, check out Suus blog to see how little she is wearing. But it did not seem to get in are way too much. Suus after a slow first day got going well doing lots of hard blocs, as for me it was a funny trip manly trying stuff alone, I did not get stuck into anything but still found my self doing 8 8’s flashing 1 and doing the others very quickly. Also flashed a couple of amazing 7c+. So not bad for 4 and a half days action. Darren had his first Swiss trip doing some 7b+/c. in normal Daz style. Also getting super near to the pillar. Oh well go trip for all.

Back in the uk after several day selling, Suus was back over for the weekend, I was still really busy selling or coaching so we mainly climbed at the wall, a good new set at durham. Suus went out with my dad and the lads and had a fun day out with the old guys.

Then this week I have been selling my e9 and snap all over the UK. Back to Newcastle tonight to pack as I fly super early to NL to see the dudy. Then we might go to Germany but let’s just see what the weather brings.

check out my new site www.andrewearl.co.uk

Pics and vid will follow in on my return cheers a very sleepy earl

Friday, 15 February 2008

out at last

Couple of very busy weeks, well at last I climb outside I in 2008. Springer picked me up, we went to his last project I think it must have been -5 so it was of to kyloe out the wood, Bob had pointed out a line, so we walked in so cold it took some time to get warm after about an hour working it I was on for the link, dropping the last hard move and feeling like my hands were going to drop off. But next go I did it a great new 7c+ was born. Next day I was off to the woods with smith Percy and Daz condition were good so I had a play on one of my projects making some good progress.
That next week I seemed to work, with a trip to London setting at the arch climbing centre.
Last weekend Suus came over to the uk, we had a nice day out after finally find the blocs, I must say that the rock at Brimham in general is not great even though we bth did are blocs.On the Sunday we coached rock solid, then on the Monday back out on grit to a super bloc above earl. On this time perfect rock. Getting fully shut down on the warm ups I then flashed the 7c+ and did the 8a both good blocs a must. Suus did the 7c+ which was pretty impressive matching on the shit crimp.This week the e9 samples came so was showing over in the lakes and today just set at Sunderland wall so hope to get out on grit this weekend.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Climbing Works Circuit

Scarpa hardcore circuit
Yesterday me and Springer popped down to Climbing Works. Meet up with Percy the aim was to set a hard circuit for men and women 10 problems each. Sound easy, well check out what happened.
As always it was a fun day out with Springer and Percy. Get down and do the new scarpa circuit.

Monday, 14 January 2008

shit weather

Hey been back in the uk for a week been working lots and getting back into my training since my illness in font. Yesterday trained with the Newman on his board had a good session but  hurt by arm today route setting at sunderland so let hope it feels better in the morning as it not great at the minute.

Monday, 7 January 2008

ill but having fun

Well the ferry to Amsterdam went well nothing to report really. After picking the Fonz up it was off to font. Making great time weather was good all the way down only to wake up with a little drizzle that left the bloc’s totally wet, well the next day thing were looking up apart from the fact that suzan had the flu, with near perfect font condition on the few block that were dry I still finished the day empty handed. Then next day I was ill to oh shit. Well we had couple of days walking around the blocs looking at blocs that I wanted to try feeling so ill. We spent a fun night in the formula 1 on new year eve watching French TV and movies.
Next day we both felt a little better and it was off to 95.2 for some easy bloc action. Think we both might have done a little to much but still nice to climb on the bloc in the sun, again the next still pretty ill we went and did some early bloc and looked at this bloc had been trying to find for years.
Next day both feeling better looked out the window to see it tipping down with raining. Well fuck font and off home to Amsterdam on the way we stop off at a nice wall in gent and then continued home that night we watched Eastern Promise a great film although suzan may not have seen it all though her hands.
Next day both feeling lots better we had session at the central climbing wall suzan campused but still feeling a little ill I just watched and played with Fonz. I am a legend was the film of the night at the imax in Amsterdam the screen was so so big and the sound was pretty amazing well. Another trip over leaving the Suuz for 11 days and I am on the ferry back to the uk so lets hope the grit is in condition