Monday, 14 January 2008

shit weather

Hey been back in the uk for a week been working lots and getting back into my training since my illness in font. Yesterday trained with the Newman on his board had a good session but  hurt by arm today route setting at sunderland so let hope it feels better in the morning as it not great at the minute.

Monday, 7 January 2008

ill but having fun

Well the ferry to Amsterdam went well nothing to report really. After picking the Fonz up it was off to font. Making great time weather was good all the way down only to wake up with a little drizzle that left the bloc’s totally wet, well the next day thing were looking up apart from the fact that suzan had the flu, with near perfect font condition on the few block that were dry I still finished the day empty handed. Then next day I was ill to oh shit. Well we had couple of days walking around the blocs looking at blocs that I wanted to try feeling so ill. We spent a fun night in the formula 1 on new year eve watching French TV and movies.
Next day we both felt a little better and it was off to 95.2 for some easy bloc action. Think we both might have done a little to much but still nice to climb on the bloc in the sun, again the next still pretty ill we went and did some early bloc and looked at this bloc had been trying to find for years.
Next day both feeling better looked out the window to see it tipping down with raining. Well fuck font and off home to Amsterdam on the way we stop off at a nice wall in gent and then continued home that night we watched Eastern Promise a great film although suzan may not have seen it all though her hands.
Next day both feeling lots better we had session at the central climbing wall suzan campused but still feeling a little ill I just watched and played with Fonz. I am a legend was the film of the night at the imax in Amsterdam the screen was so so big and the sound was pretty amazing well. Another trip over leaving the Suuz for 11 days and I am on the ferry back to the uk so lets hope the grit is in condition