Friday, 15 February 2008

out at last

Couple of very busy weeks, well at last I climb outside I in 2008. Springer picked me up, we went to his last project I think it must have been -5 so it was of to kyloe out the wood, Bob had pointed out a line, so we walked in so cold it took some time to get warm after about an hour working it I was on for the link, dropping the last hard move and feeling like my hands were going to drop off. But next go I did it a great new 7c+ was born. Next day I was off to the woods with smith Percy and Daz condition were good so I had a play on one of my projects making some good progress.
That next week I seemed to work, with a trip to London setting at the arch climbing centre.
Last weekend Suus came over to the uk, we had a nice day out after finally find the blocs, I must say that the rock at Brimham in general is not great even though we bth did are blocs.On the Sunday we coached rock solid, then on the Monday back out on grit to a super bloc above earl. On this time perfect rock. Getting fully shut down on the warm ups I then flashed the 7c+ and did the 8a both good blocs a must. Suus did the 7c+ which was pretty impressive matching on the shit crimp.This week the e9 samples came so was showing over in the lakes and today just set at Sunderland wall so hope to get out on grit this weekend.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Climbing Works Circuit

Scarpa hardcore circuit
Yesterday me and Springer popped down to Climbing Works. Meet up with Percy the aim was to set a hard circuit for men and women 10 problems each. Sound easy, well check out what happened.
As always it was a fun day out with Springer and Percy. Get down and do the new scarpa circuit.