Thursday, 6 March 2008

Better late than never

Well 2 week ago I went to Swiss with Darren, Suus and Fonz. Well it was a pretty good trip, after finally got to NL as cancelled my flight. But not to worry, we all arrived in Swiss to see snow. Thinking it was going to be cold but, oh no it was super warm, check out Suus blog to see how little she is wearing. But it did not seem to get in are way too much. Suus after a slow first day got going well doing lots of hard blocs, as for me it was a funny trip manly trying stuff alone, I did not get stuck into anything but still found my self doing 8 8’s flashing 1 and doing the others very quickly. Also flashed a couple of amazing 7c+. So not bad for 4 and a half days action. Darren had his first Swiss trip doing some 7b+/c. in normal Daz style. Also getting super near to the pillar. Oh well go trip for all.

Back in the uk after several day selling, Suus was back over for the weekend, I was still really busy selling or coaching so we mainly climbed at the wall, a good new set at durham. Suus went out with my dad and the lads and had a fun day out with the old guys.

Then this week I have been selling my e9 and snap all over the UK. Back to Newcastle tonight to pack as I fly super early to NL to see the dudy. Then we might go to Germany but let’s just see what the weather brings.

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Pics and vid will follow in on my return cheers a very sleepy earl

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