Tuesday, 25 March 2008

great condition shame about the skin

Well it was off to NL then swiss for a easter break me and suus have both had a busy couple of months work wise and planning for her big move to the UK. I arrived in nl pick her and the fonz up and it was off to swiss traffic was shit as you would think at this time of year, the car did not love the germany motor way hills, put did the job.
Well we arrived the next morning in Swiss and decided to climb straight away and check into are gite on the night time. Well I had a good first day polishing off a couple of 8a and suus got stuck into her project, she was motivated to mainly work hard things as she started the trip with a spilt. Well we head to are gite. We arrived the normal lady was out but showed us down to are flat which seemed already to have a couple of guys staying in. it turned out in my booking I put April not march so we where lucky that these great guy let us stay in there flat for the trip. Next day dudy was back on her project making progress I went to try electric ant. What a great problem, after 30 minute I had done all the moves and started trying to link it, well I had a really good attempt then rest. After 10 minute rest almost did it but some how was lying on the ground. On my next attempt trying to hard I spilt game over I think.Well then we went to cres had a play on a couple of things. Then next day I was still up for the ant an had it in my mind I would be ok with the tape so straight down the hill to the ant we went. Well I must have had 3 attempt and spilt again. I was pissed off to say the least. Well trip over climbing wise, however on the way out I did a cool bloc called tricky 8a. I spent the next day and a half spotting the dudy and climbing a little. Then we set off to nl mid afternoon coming across some of the worsted driving weather I have ever had. Then stopping off as I could not cope any more with the snow, then the next morning we had to pick up some butterfly for dudy job. But we ended up in a massive traffic jam but got to amsterdam in time. I have just returned from the vets as fonz is coming to the UK on Thursday .

Well all in all a great trip the climbing was not great but we had some good laughs and great weather

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