Sunday, 29 June 2008


Last weekend i spent in mello with the team below

and the chic suus below

The weather was perfect for sun bathing and not great for climbing, but we did are best sending  many high balls

And working on one of the mello blocco problems and enjoying the great valley.

On the last day conditions were a little better and i was able to complete the problem that i dropped the top of in mello bloco

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

back in action

Well after hurting my leg earlier in the weekend i took to none climbing training. Then on sunday me and springer went and checked out a new bloc think it will have 4 high balls on hopefully the weather will hold and get them done this week. 

yesterday hot hot hot in newcastle and a training session at Eldon square. the today e and Suuz went to the Bowderstone where Newman and adam were. good laugh did lots really good session. good conditions with a nice wind and i think enough left for another session.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Coaching at the a Arch Climbing Wall 

On Monday 16th June i am doing a workshop at the Arch Climbing Wall in London. 

6.30pm -8.30pm


Good day at bowderstone.

well on sunday the weather was pretty shit, but after resting in the sunny saturday it was off to the bowderstone weather was ok when we arrived and had a good session doing lots, and very p for going back for the rest. As i drop the last move of one of the links. then it really started to piss down so off back to newastle. 

Yesterday i was at sunderland up for a big session on about the second problem i heard a big crack from my knee, shit. well after a session in the garage and lots of ice hope it will be better before i go to mello.