Monday, 28 July 2008

what a month

Well its been a month since we got the keys to the wall. Lots has happened since then, leaving know just as a shell so we can start building and making it into a climbing centre. 

This weekend me and suus took a couple of days off to go out with my family in the peak as you would guess we took the kids climbing.

Well just about to go back to the wall to start work again.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Trade Show

Well this week i have been out at the Friedrichshafen trade show its fair to say it been a busy 5 days, selling e9 and snap.  spending some time on the scarpa and camp stand. then looking at stock for the Climb Newcastle  shop. 
Well still at the show but just about to leave very interested to see what chris and the girls have got up to will i have away 

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Climb Newcastle

Well i am open a bouldering wall in newcastle, this is something i have been working hard on for well over a year, with Chris and Darren. 
We got the keys to the building a couple of weeks ago and been busy clearing it out. I must say its some of the hardest days i have ever had and the guys at climbing works keep telling me its only going to get harder. 
I hope that climb newcastle will be place for all to train with are coaching room for the kids and beginners and those that want to improve.  A training board and yes it will have some 50 degree section for strong. Then a massive bouldering room for everyone.

well please follow the action at


Well been busy since mello suuz got a bike and it seems i spend more time on it than her. Must say its really good fun. Working lots but climbed out side a little when it was not raining in newcastle.