Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Climb Newcastle

Well i am open a bouldering wall in newcastle, this is something i have been working hard on for well over a year, with Chris and Darren. 
We got the keys to the building a couple of weeks ago and been busy clearing it out. I must say its some of the hardest days i have ever had and the guys at climbing works keep telling me its only going to get harder. 
I hope that climb newcastle will be place for all to train with are coaching room for the kids and beginners and those that want to improve.  A training board and yes it will have some 50 degree section for strong. Then a massive bouldering room for everyone.

well please follow the action at www.climbnewcastle.com


Sam said...

This is great to hear - that building sure looks like it has bags of potential! Keep us in the loop :)

Boosty said...

Just started this climbing lark, last 4 weeks, started at Climb Newcastle, the staff are spot on, the other climbers give advice when asked. Top coffee.