Sunday, 2 November 2008

climb newcastle

Well its been a bit since i last blogged. Today me and suus returned to a normal life out climbing in the lakes in great condition.  As over the last four months i have been building climbnewcastle. Which is open so please come and check it out. And see what Andy Long and Rob Lamey have created.

Over this time i mainly trained with a quick trip to czech for a comp and a slide show and a great couple of days bouldering thanks to scarpa. But in the last 6 weeks the 14 hours days started and the sleepless nights.This meant little climbing or training,  then i had a  bad cut to my finger with a grinder. After this illness hit resulting in little climbing or training. However in the last week i started to get back into shape so let hope the weather will be good so i can get out and about. Also started booking flights so things are looking good.

Just like to say a big thanks to mum, dad and fonz for helping out at the wall and supporting me over the last 4 months. Then finally to suus thank for everything over the last 4 month from painting, cleaning, taking me training and be next to me when all was going wrong or right. Thanks 

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