Saturday, 19 December 2009

blood hell

On wednesday night me and Suz drove to font, when we arrived on thursday morning to see lots of snow. However we started cleaning of some blocs. However over night it snowed lots i mean lots. So we got back in the van and drove back to newcastle. Very disappointing after training hard for a couple of problem, oh well that climbing i guess.

Saturday, 21 November 2009


Well as the weather has been poor for the most of the uk, its been training time for myself looking for to a couple of trips, over the last month i have been training and recovering in a new product called accapi.
This has some amazing effect in way that after a training session, where i have trainned for 2-3 hours giving it my all i feel full recovered not after one day on but seven. find out more about it at

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Climb Newcastle Birthday

Well Climb Newcastle was a year old yesterday. Been and interesting and at time very hard year, but all in all well worth it.
Yesterday we had a comp and an nice after party,today i get to rest after a busy week. And before next weeks meeting and then a full on week of setting.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Not so lucky

Well after 2 weeks of hard training doing everything open handed in hopes of doing New base line. It was not to be with on day one waking up with a bad cold, so bad that i rebooked my fights and did not climb, suz had 3 days of action before are early return. Which i am sure you can find out more from her blog.

So its back to work, with lots of training and coaching session booked in the next few weeks. But now fixed on getting some hard ticks in this winter. So i guess the big news is that i have started using a new produced in my training, it seems to be having a great effect on my recover rate. More about it very soon

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Having Fun

Well been a busy summer, but winter and the bouldering season is just around the corner. Last week me and Suz were out in swiss. Having fun in Magic Woods, its been a couple of year since i have been and things have changed so many more people the camp site has wooden building not sure why, not sure if its for the best. However we still had a good time i did River Bed which i tried last time i was out and really the last thing i wanted to do, However since doing that early in the trip i start playing on New Baseline which i am hoping to go back and do later in the month. Suz also as ever climbing well, doing a couple of 7c with ease. Then she got suck into Free for all doing in a couple of session. However the 6 days on, did have an effect on are bodies. Suz has hurt her shoulder and after a physio and a vist to the doctor to get strong pain killers it looks to be healing a little. And i just feel old but then again there might be a reason for that.
Free For All

River Bed

New Bridges

Magic Woods

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Well rockland seems along time ago, Since i returned to the uk i have been working hard and training hard as well. 

I got my new shoe from scarpa on thursday so look forward to getting them out and about. Today i finished painting climb newcastle so its all colourful.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Well i am sitting in the airport having returned from Rocklands South Africa, and about to go to an outdoors trade show in germany. 

Me, Suz and Smith were in Rocklands for the past 16 days. I have to say that it was one of the best climbing trip i have ever been on.  

Rocklands has some of the best looking lines i have seen. The bouldering was so 

varied on some of the best and most featured sandstone, i have climbing on. 

Well it fare to say that we filled are boots on the trip with us just having the one full rest day. I think that the best send of the trip was by Suz doing her first 8a+ Tea with elmarie. Suz normally climbs well with in her power range. So it was good to watch her push her self.

 As for Smith it was his first trip away since setting up the City Bloc in Leeds Did Armed Response  8b. But think he was more than happy just to be out climbing on the great blocs in the sun.


As for me well its been over a year since i got to the keys to the building that is Climb Newcastle. In that time i have been on several trips but this felt like the first one that i was not thinking about work and able to get down to the climbing.  All in all i had a great time climbing, doing most thing i tired in a session, do lots of bloc up to 8b. Will be booking my flights back very soon.


Tea with Elmarie 8a+

Armed Response 8b

Green Mamba 8b

You Tube Vids coming soon

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Light Camera Action

Well been a busy week or so, training hard for south africa. Been back to queens with chris and have some good attempts on my project. but then i spend the next couple of session out side, with suz at the woods or out doing photos with Mark for his book. Really interesting going back on things for photos very hard work but, i think taking the pics is much harder. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Great sandstone action , after a showery week in newcastle. Both Suz and me  got a couple of good blocs done. Even with the weather been a bit to showery for Queens, i went and repeated Chris Graham Blocs at Hangman, two great aretes. Then worked all weekend and then today Suz went to A bloc near to newcastle and did the powerful arete. Check out the blue sky. 

Monday, 18 May 2009

Out and About

Weather has been pretty good up in the north east for the past couple of weeks, which has lead to a few good session enjoy the sun and the fresh spring air. 

Me, Suz and Percy went to crag x had a really good session, work superman which i am looking forward to maybe getting back on tomorrow. 

Then we went to Kyloe out the woods as the wind was so strong, where Suz did prime time sitting. Fonz not always impressed 

 I Had a rest day, then we had a sunny day out to queens with a bit of a Climb Newcastle team,   had a good session on the sit start to arc royal. Below chris having ago.

Then had a couple of hard training session looking for the weather continue stay dry for more action this week. 

Monday, 4 May 2009

Sorry Its Been A Bit

Well were do i start i guess with a sorry for my lack of blogging, Things have changed in Earl world. 

Climb Newcastle is going well and been getting out and about lots. 

Starting with the wall i  think things are running smoothly, mainly due to good  staff and great marketing.  Me, Chris and Suz seem to be keeping on top of the setting with a circuit changed every week.

Then climbing well great start to the year a trip to bishop that turned out to be a bit to hot to get on anything super hard but did lots and got health after getting run down by the building of the wall.

Back in the UK i tick off a few things in the lakes, yorkshire and worked on a few project in northumberland. 

In April we went to font again had hot weather however still got things done, and had a great time. On are return we booked are flight to South Africa at the end of June, really looking forward to that. 

Back in the UK Mainly training but the good weather pulls me away from the wall, with session at Queens, Shaftoe, Bowden. Still got a few project in mind so lets hope the good weather continue. 

Last Week i repeat Arc Royal a really nice bloc at queens. 

Well this week i think i am going to wales so fingers crossed that the weather might be nice. 

Check out some pics of the first part of 2009

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Well another year has past, another year older and what  have i got to show for it, well a

lot really.

So 2008 in the first 6 months saw me out climbing

lots as normal traveling around europe, the normal

life of a climber. Suz and Fonz moved to the UK to

live which is amazing. At what seemed like a time when it would just did not

stop raining. But we still managed to get out and


Then in June i signed for the building that is know

climb newcastle. After 4 months work, it open its

doors to the public. 

In that 4 month i tried to stay in

as good shape as possible, which was not always

easy when your stressed with building contractors,

almost cut your finger off with a grinder and working

14 hour days seven days a week.

In the last two months sinces we open things have

seemed to calmed down, starting to feel like i can

climb again, not always easy to find things in the UK

to motivate me when not in great form but over the

Xmas period i have started to enjoy my climbing


Well so what is for 2009, well starting it with a trip to the states, so on 8th jan we are off

for just under 3 weeks. Then hope for lots of climbing and a little bit of work.

Happy New Year Follow the action on 2009 at