Thursday, 1 January 2009

Well another year has past, another year older and what  have i got to show for it, well a

lot really.

So 2008 in the first 6 months saw me out climbing

lots as normal traveling around europe, the normal

life of a climber. Suz and Fonz moved to the UK to

live which is amazing. At what seemed like a time when it would just did not

stop raining. But we still managed to get out and


Then in June i signed for the building that is know

climb newcastle. After 4 months work, it open its

doors to the public. 

In that 4 month i tried to stay in

as good shape as possible, which was not always

easy when your stressed with building contractors,

almost cut your finger off with a grinder and working

14 hour days seven days a week.

In the last two months sinces we open things have

seemed to calmed down, starting to feel like i can

climb again, not always easy to find things in the UK

to motivate me when not in great form but over the

Xmas period i have started to enjoy my climbing


Well so what is for 2009, well starting it with a trip to the states, so on 8th jan we are off

for just under 3 weeks. Then hope for lots of climbing and a little bit of work.

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