Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Great sandstone action , after a showery week in newcastle. Both Suz and me  got a couple of good blocs done. Even with the weather been a bit to showery for Queens, i went and repeated Chris Graham Blocs at Hangman, two great aretes. Then worked all weekend and then today Suz went to A bloc near to newcastle and did the powerful arete. Check out the blue sky. 

Monday, 18 May 2009

Out and About

Weather has been pretty good up in the north east for the past couple of weeks, which has lead to a few good session enjoy the sun and the fresh spring air. 

Me, Suz and Percy went to crag x had a really good session, work superman which i am looking forward to maybe getting back on tomorrow. 

Then we went to Kyloe out the woods as the wind was so strong, where Suz did prime time sitting. Fonz not always impressed 

 I Had a rest day, then we had a sunny day out to queens with a bit of a Climb Newcastle team,   had a good session on the sit start to arc royal. Below chris having ago.

Then had a couple of hard training session looking for the weather continue stay dry for more action this week. 

Monday, 4 May 2009

Sorry Its Been A Bit

Well were do i start i guess with a sorry for my lack of blogging, Things have changed in Earl world. 

Climb Newcastle is going well and been getting out and about lots. 

Starting with the wall i  think things are running smoothly, mainly due to good  staff and great marketing.  Me, Chris and Suz seem to be keeping on top of the setting with a circuit changed every week.

Then climbing well great start to the year a trip to bishop that turned out to be a bit to hot to get on anything super hard but did lots and got health after getting run down by the building of the wall.

Back in the UK i tick off a few things in the lakes, yorkshire and worked on a few project in northumberland. 

In April we went to font again had hot weather however still got things done, and had a great time. On are return we booked are flight to South Africa at the end of June, really looking forward to that. 

Back in the UK Mainly training but the good weather pulls me away from the wall, with session at Queens, Shaftoe, Bowden. Still got a few project in mind so lets hope the good weather continue. 

Last Week i repeat Arc Royal a really nice bloc at queens. 

Well this week i think i am going to wales so fingers crossed that the weather might be nice. 

Check out some pics of the first part of 2009