Saturday, 19 September 2009

Having Fun

Well been a busy summer, but winter and the bouldering season is just around the corner. Last week me and Suz were out in swiss. Having fun in Magic Woods, its been a couple of year since i have been and things have changed so many more people the camp site has wooden building not sure why, not sure if its for the best. However we still had a good time i did River Bed which i tried last time i was out and really the last thing i wanted to do, However since doing that early in the trip i start playing on New Baseline which i am hoping to go back and do later in the month. Suz also as ever climbing well, doing a couple of 7c with ease. Then she got suck into Free for all doing in a couple of session. However the 6 days on, did have an effect on are bodies. Suz has hurt her shoulder and after a physio and a vist to the doctor to get strong pain killers it looks to be healing a little. And i just feel old but then again there might be a reason for that.
Free For All

River Bed

New Bridges

Magic Woods