Sunday, 17 October 2010

lots to say

Well its been a bit since i last blogged, in that time i have been up to lots starting with work, the wall is still going well and expanding all the time.Then this summer me suz and smith went and had a bit of a route trip which i must say was a bit of a shock to the system, having on tied on for well over 2 year however by the end of the trip i was back in the 8 band just. Then i started training for the bbc and got back into comp shape just about then on the day on the second problem i hurt my finger. Which put and end to the comp and the rest of the summer.
For are summer trip ms and suz went on a road trip around europe looking at several area with winter in mind. Which was great fun stopping at some new area and visiting old projects and putting them to rest.
Well next weekend climb newcastle i
s two so where having a party and then its of to font for me, think this will be the last trip before are baby is born. So guess it will not be till feb that we will be away again .
Some pics from are trip

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sintra and Ash cloud hell

Well what a couple of weeks, I return from new bouldering venue Sintra in portugal. For more information on the venue check the following link.

Me. suz and chris went to sintra for a 5 days break hooking u with percy and family and si and family. As alway with such a group it was a great laugh. With many great boulders on some interesting and sharp rock lead to some good climbing.

Well then the ash cloud took over the world, all are flight were put back a week and with endless looking for way of getting back to the uk. However it did mean that we could find some more of the blocs.

Check out some of the blocs

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Real Rock

Well after a wet and snowy winter, with bad trip after bad trip. I was so nice to climb on rock. I had trained hard for font which we got snow out of. I continued training for Swiss. Feeling in good shape it.

Think this was the cold trip i have ever been on. Ever morning well below freezing and many day not getting that much warmer. I really enjoyed this trip although at time i was very hard work staying warm and working problems. But so nice to have to try hard outside again.
Suz had a great trip saying she when out with several small injury's. She got some great ticks.

Think we have both come back to the UK hoping that we can continue climbing outside

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snow fun

Well i guess with therest of the uk, i have done little climbing outside and more time sliding around on my bum. Apart from that i have been training hard as i am off to swiss next week.
So fingers cross that it not snowing to much